A Conversation with Serena
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JENNY: Thank you so much for your time! Let’s discuss your aspirations of being a social media influencer. Talk to me about your favorite aspects of being a social media influencer - what do you enjoy most about it?

SERENA: I think - personally, it makes me feel empowered and competent and just fearless. It brings out a version of me that I love to see in myself. It makes me feel good. I think I would like to use my platform personally to bring that feeling to others as well.

an effective influencer will not only influence, but also make people happy, inspired, motivated

JENNY: That’s really fantastic, good for you! What got you interested in going down this road?

SERENA: I think I’ve always been interested in modeling and being an influencer, but what kickstarted me into it was a hairstylist recommended me to this amazing modeling agency, Page Parkes, and now I am signed there. And I am very lucky that I did, as they were very welcoming and kind to me. We work together well, and I am so happy to have them as part of my team. They also helped me kickstart my journey of being a model, and also into being more of an influencer as well.

JENNY: That’s great! You are a beautiful young girl with a very bright future in front of you, and I am so happy for all of your success. What does it mean for you to be a social media influencer?

SERENA: I feel like social media influencers have a lot of power. Personally, I think a social media influencer not only influences, but brings entertainment and something else to the table for their audience. I believe that an effective influencer will not only influence, but also make people happy, inspired, motivated, or portray some sort of emotion to get that person to do something. And also hopefully make the other person feel happier than before they saw your video.

JENNY: Tell me about your favorite beauty products and brands? What are your go-tos when preparing for a shoot, a video, a reel or what have you?

SERENA: I mostly use Rare or Fenty beauty products. They are amazing brands owned by amazing women, and I would recommend them hands down every single time.

JENNY: Is there a particular product that you’d like to recommend?

SERENA: I would definitely say the Rare beauty liquid blush (#rarebeauty). It is very pigmented, and it’s so natural - I have worn it before where it was undetectable, and I’ve also worn it before where I had a full glam look on.

JENNY: What other social media influencers do you look up to, and that you’d want to collaborate with?

SERENA: Emma Chamberlain would be a dream. Brittany Brosky would be an amazing opportunity. Probably a drag queen because I find them so inspirational. They are more light-hearted.

JENNY: What is it about Emma Chamberlain, Brittany Brosky, and drag queens that you find inspirational?

SERENA: Emma Chamberlain is relatable. She started as a teenager, and now she’s on magazine covers, and is the face of brands and a brand ambassador. I look up to her because she came to me when I was young, awkward, and needed someone to look up to who was more relatable in the industry.

Brittany Brosky helped me be less serious in the industry, because sometime we need to joke a bit and not take things so seriously.

Bob the Drag Queen or Trixie Mattell (in terms of drag queens) - I believe their drag is so creative, so unique, and I believe I would have the best time with them. I would love to meet them and I believe that I could learn many things from them as well.

JENNY: What do you think about your own personal brand, and why it might stand out from many of the others.

SERENA: I feel like everybody has their own specific niche. I wanted to be in the beauty industry. But, it’s a very cutthroat and difficult business to be in. And it’s also very saturated at the moment.

I think I bring to the table a level of relatability and friendliness. There aren’t enough people online that are like that, and I would like to bring more of that to the table.

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