As the founder of #Influencer Magazine, I’m passionate about the ever-changing influencer marketing industry and the science behind influencing. With my studies at MIT, Liberty University, Duke University, University of Rockies, and Harvard University, I saw that the field of influencer marketing was still in its infancy. That’s why I decided to start a magazine to share my knowledge in a fun and inspiring manner. I’m proud of the magazine’s first edition, which was powered by donations from those working in the industry. My highlight of the edition was Izzy, an influencer who used her social media presence to help others. We are so lucky to have her launch our inaugural edition! Every month, #Influencer Magazine continues to share the latest news and developments in influencer marketing. We want to help brands, followers, and influencers understand the new dynamics in a post-Covid-19 world. By understanding the power of social influence, social proof, and data analytics, brands can position themselves strategically to be accessed by the desired audience. We want to help businesses make the most of their investment in influencer marketing. You can follow me on Twitter or Instagram @CampaignGuru. Together, let’s revolutionize the way we think about influencer marketing! Best Regards, Dr. Ravi Singh MA, MS, PhD Founder of #Influencer Magazine F

Dr. Ravi Singh PhD in Social Media & Technology | Digital Marketing Strategist | NFT Pioneer | Campaign Guru Specializing in Social Media Voice, Digital Strategy, Engagement, & Tone | A Proud Sikh American. #DrRavi @Campaignguru

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